Saya Sayang Lelaki Ini

GOOD MORNING. Wanna know who is this??? He is my lovely handsome boy. I love his smile damn much. Are you fall in love with him??? No no no, you can't. He is mine.

His name is ARIF ZAKWAN BIN MAT RABI. He is my lovely younger brother. He was born on 17 February 2005 in Hospital Kemaman. Now, he is 6 years old. Known as very talkative boy and good boy. I had many sweet memories with him.

I will do everything for him. For the example, when he asks me to buy him marshmallow then I will buy for him without any objection. When he asks me to go to the beach, I will take him to the beach. Can you see how much i love him??? Yes, i love him damn much. He is my only one brother I have.

I will take care of him until my last breath. INSYAALLAH. I hope he will be a good boy, one day. A good son, a good husband and a good muslim. And that is my responsibility to guide him.

p.s. ARIF ZAKWAN, you make my life perfect with your smile.

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